Group of Sanitation

Group of Disinfection & High Pressure Cleaner cold water 100 bar and 11,5 L/min.

Spray high pressure disinfectant according to standard EN14476, by foam injector.



Barthod and Hydro-France unite their know-how and their means

Group of Sanitation & High Pressure cleaner Cold water, 2 in 1

KPMD 1011-E

Ergonomics, robustness and performances of this High Pressure cleaner allow a simple and effective disinfection of your surfaces (workshops, car parks, halls, tracks access, etc.) and a High Pressure cleaning for a large number of use.

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Group of Sanitation


Flow rate 11,5 L/min (+/- 7%)
Pressure 100 bar
Rotation speed 1450 rpm
Inlet pressure from 1 to 3 bar
Lubrication: Splash lubrication
Materials: Injector and spraying circuit Stainless steel
304L chassis: Hinged hood
Dimensions 810 x 710 x 700 mm
Weight 73 kg

Group of Sanitation


Monophased electric motor

  • Power range 220/240 V MONO
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Nominal power 2,2 kW
  • Coupling: Hose
Group of Sanitation


Products for sanitation

  • Space for 10 liters tank ✓
  • Injected liquid Alcohol 70°
  • Diluted bleach 0,1 to 0,5 %
  • Disinfecting liquid according to EN14476
Group of Sanitation

Also includes

Also include:

  • Disinfecting Kit ✓
  • Foam gun ✓

Included accessories:

  • Disinfecting kit, hose length 10 m
  • Head gun for disinfecting use
  • Head gun for clean use
Group of Sanitation