Terms and conditions

  1. General: The delivery of an order implies that the buyer’s acceptance of our terms of sale. All clauses which figured on the printed letters or orders of the buyer and contrary to our conditions we can not be opposed unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.
  2. Privacy: studies, plans, drawings, and documents delivered or sent by us remain our property: they can not be disclosed to third parties under any reason whatsoever by purchaser.
  3. Subject to the sale: The package includes only the amount indicated on the order form. The seller has the right to make changes without notice.
  4. Instructions: The shipping date is intended as indicative, not binding. Possible delay in delivery or partial shipment of the order can take place. This can in no case delay the agreed deadline for payment of the goods sent déjto.
  5. Transportation: Goods are sold ex works always and always travel at the risk of the recipient, even if delivery prepaid. For these reasons, we decline all responsibility concerning damage, loss of any nature whatsoever, and delays that the goods might suffer during transport. Where applicable, it is the client to the recipient with the carrier reserves the shipping documents, and confirm these reservations by letter within 3 days of receipt of our goods. Similarly it is the client recipient to engage the screws to any appeals against the carrier. No claims concerning the composition of the delivery, quantity, weight, or noncompliance with the deposit slip will be accepted if it arrives with us later to within eight days of receipt of goods by the recipient. Mode: Normal (48 to 72 hours: UPS – Exapaq), Express (24 hours: TNT), Messaging (Transport Kuehne Nagel).
  6. Payment: The payment must be made explicit in the place of issue of invoice and also regardless of challenges and complaints. After the fixed terms of maturity, the bank interest to take effect, in addition to reimbursement of any bonus fees. The payment terms are to negotiate with the seller: LCR magnetic, accepted draft, check, against payment, advance payment (by check or PayPal). Failure to comply with these payment terms act gives the seller the right to suspend the shipment of new orders.
  7. Price: The price is ex works and do not include: tax (VAT), postage, taxes, cost of packing and transportation. The listing prices are not final, they are subject to change in relation to the price of raw material, include labor, suppliers, the exchange rates so we can change without notice.
  8. Warranty: Our products are guaranteed to 1 year from date of delivery. The guarantee is to return to us the note for the construction defect is not the failure of normal wear, negligence, inexperience or incompetence of use or application. The above substitution will be executed by the seller upon acceptance of the consistency of defects deplored. Transporting pièes to repair or replace is to be borne by the buyer. No compensation or damages we can not be claimed for costs of labor, installation and removal, loss of use, or other injuries.
  9. Retention of Title: (Act of May 12, 1980 and January 25, 1985 n 8598 and 8595). Express agreement and notwithstanding anything to the contrary, WE RESERVE THE PROPERTY OF GOODS SOLD, JUSQU’to full payment, AND ACCESSORIES, provided that ONLY THE ACTUAL CASH PAYMENT WILL HOLD the invoice price.
  10. Dispute Resolution: any dispute relating to this sale, even in case of a warranty or pluralities of defenders, would be the absence of agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court Commercial PAU 64.